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Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I become an APSA Member?
A. You can visit our website, www.apsatoday.org, and link to Become a Member or call us at (800) 898-8282.

Q. How much does it cost to be an APSA Member?
A. The cost of membership is $59.00 per year for Gold Members 18-49 and $36.00 per year for Platinum Members 50+. Platinum Members are eligible to receive a First Year Membership Voucher to make your first year of membership free! Simply go to the Become a Member page, fill out the information and click submit.

Q. How long is my APSA membership valid?
A. The term of your membership is one year.

Q. How do I renew my APSA membership?
A. You will receive a renewal invoice in the mail just before your membership is due to expire. Just complete the renewal form and send the renewal form along with your payment in the enclosed envelope.

Q. How can you provide all of these services for $59.00 ($36.00 for Platinum Members) a year?
A. By combining the purchasing power of its Members, APSA is able to negotiate group rates for your professional services. Most people understand how group rates can save them thousands of dollars on their medical bills. That same philosophy, applied to your tax, estate, financial and insurance needs, is why APSA is one of the leaders in providing quality professional services.

Q. What do I get with my Membership?
A. Please see the Membership Benefits section. You will get a member benefit guide detailing all of the professional services available to you and how to go about using them.

Q. How do I use one of the available services?
A. Contact your local representative and let them know which service you are interested in. Or, click HERE. For further assistance, feel free to contact APSA directly at (800) 898-8282.

Q. Why is the first year membership free?
A. How can the association afford to give one year free? - We believe in “try before you buy,” so we extend one-year complimentary for our members to experience saving the APSA way.

*Restrictions apply. See the Description of Plan Services for complete details.

Click HERE to learn how to become an APSA Member

Toll-Free: (800) 898-8282
Office: 20600 Eureka Rd. Ste. 513A, Taylor, Michigan 48180

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